It all started when…

My uncle, who thinks he's quite witty, teased me whenever I'd read or watch Jane Austen stories. Pride and Prejudice...Sense and Sensibility.... He came up with his own spin--"Angst and Alliteration." And the title of my bookish website was born.

What's Angst & Alliteration all about?

This site is my writing spot. You'll find:

  • Book reviews
  • Musings about social issues (usually tied to literature, fictional or not)
  • Poetry or other ramblings

New here? Feel free to just jump in and read whatever posts strike your fancy. There's really no rhyme or reason to what I read or what I write about.

I love discussing the books I've read, so leave a comment with questions or simply to share your thoughts on a particular text.

New blog posts tend to appear on Mondays, so check back for my latest or subscribe to get updates when I publish a new post.

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My super-simple book review policy

Do you have a book in mind you'd like me to review?

Whether you're an author, publisher, or reader with a book recommendation, send me the following info about the book:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Synopsis
  • Release date (if not already published)

I'll read and review older books as my schedule allows. New publications will get priority status, and reviews will be posted within a week of the release date. If your review must be published by a certain date, please let me know in your email request so that I can plan accordingly.