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Angoleiro: A Poem about Capoeira

Angoleiro: A Poem about Capoeira


the way he moves

folding in on himself

slow movements

a snake

too quick to anticipate

where he will strike

undulating to the

rhythm of the berimbau

pandeiro and atabaque

weaving a spell to

entrance his opponent

distract with the dance

to land a kick in the face

full of grace


*inspired by a random stranger with whom I played in a roda


I wrote this poem in honor of my random-stranger opponent and in commemoration of the first day of the capoeira workshop with Mestre Ombrinho at Mestre Esquilo's academy in Charlotte, NC, on May 18, 2013.

Most of my writing is done for other people and published under their names all around the internet. Yet sometimes the inspiration strikes to write something for myself and publish it under my name. After all, I am a reader and a writer. And a sometimes-capoeirista.

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